A new physical theatre project about the relationship between humans and the Earth. It was created in collaboration with audiovisual artist Michal Kindernay, whose work focuses on the environment, and climate scientists from America, Canada and the Czech Republic. The performance was inspired by their testimonies, experiences and data. We explored the environmental, political and philosophical issues that naturally arise in relation to this specific theme.

Premiere 27.+28.11. 19:30 Studio ALTA

ONLINE TICKETS  :  goout.net
The number of tickets is limited.

AAIA / NTRCTC is about black water and white darkness, about loss and finding, about solitude and community, about places you want to be and don't want to be, about living in the most inhospitable places and about a man who has run so far to find more than himself back, about wonder(s) and beauty.

At AAIA, there is a city where a thousand people live in inhospitable conditions in order to care for a team of scientists so they can do research.

At AAIA it is always windy, the weather changes rapidly and sometimes there is nothing to see, not even a horizon, just white darkness.

AAIA is the last wilderness of this world. In addition to specific mammals, birds and fish, there are many other special organisms that have adapted perfectly to the local extreme conditions caused by climate disruption. In the last 25 years, 3 trillion tonnes of polar ice have melted and the ocean has risen by 8 millimetres. In the last 5 years, the rate of melting has tripled. We're experiencing 30 degree temperature swings from normal. The end of the world is coming faster than we thought.

The AAIA / NTRCTC, for example, may raise such questions:

What happens to a person's consciousness when we move them to a landscape with extreme living conditions? What happens to the meaning of the words of oligarchs when we move them with a lectern to the protrusion of an iceberg? How does the perception of the distribution of the world change if we change the experienced view of it and place the South Pole at its centre? What is the connection with the opening of a library in the Roma neighbourhood of Chánov district in Most (czech city of coal mining), which is directly affected by coal mining and burning, and how many more ice cubes will melt in the sea cocktail of the coal miners before they buy up all the permits to run thermal power plants? What is the face of the penguin in the photo of the Japanese tourist? What or how do we have to change to survive?

The production is in English, with translation of the texts into Czech. The audience can move freely through the space. The number of tickets is limited.

For the audience:
* The performance is in English.
  Transcripts of the texts are available in English.
* The performance is standing room only.
  There are 3 white plinths in the space to rest.
  Take turns on them, let go of the older ones.
  Take care of yourself.
  You can move around the space as needed.
* We use laser light in one scene in the show.
  Those who are sensitive to it can close their eyes for a moment.
* It's dark in the show. Those who are afraid can grab the nearest
  by the nearest person's hand.

Concept, performer: Micha Ela Dašková
Concept, image and sound performance: Michal Kindernay

Choreographic and directing collaboration: Cecile da Costa
Set design: Anna Chrtková
Light design: Filip Horn
Visual and graphic design: Darja Lukjanenko
Production: Karin Akai

The performance is co-produced by Trikular z.s. and Studio ALTA.

Partners: TJ Sokol Smíchov I., Komunitní prostor Smíchov, State Culture Fund of the Czech Republic, TJ Sokol, Nová síť z.s., Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the EEA Grants supported the project, Co.labs and ART RE USE. 

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